Inside Keylogger Features and Advantages

Inside Keylogger is a special type of software that includes various features. Using Inside Keylogger, you can easily check and records all activities executed on a computer. This is a special type of secure software and invisible in program files and task manager.

Using this software, you can easily capture screenshots, records keystrokes and chat conversations. This software also tells about complete internet activity on a particular PC, and modified files & folders.

This software is best for those parents who have small children. Using this software they can easily check about what activities are done by their children on the computer. This software is also very helpful for businessmen.

This software contains various other features like e-mail reporting and alerting, hot key and password protection and system logon/logoff recording. Using this software, you can generate your reports in to web format that would be easy to send via email. You can also send your file using FTP client available in this software.

Inside Keylogger also tells about system logon/logoff time using this features you can easily get information about who and when exactly has used the computer. Chat and instant message recording is another great feature of this software. This software records of all chats and messaging that have taken place on a PC.

Hence Inside Keylogger is a very good software that provides various important features using that you can make your work more easy and effortless.

You can buy this software at 60% discount rate.


~ by nithin on April 9, 2009.

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