Latest Mobile Softwares

Hi this is a blog where u can get the latest mobile softwares freely.
U can even share news about the latest mobile softwares.
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eBuddy v. 1.1 new!

Join eBuddy and get the most popular and free instant messaging application on your mobile. Download it to your phone to chat on MSN, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk and Facebook; all in one single buddylist.

Opera Mini Web browser
Try the new version of this free full Web browser for your phone. Browse the full Web anywhere, anytime, on any phone. Synch your bookmarks, history, notes and more between your computer and mobile phone.

Nimbuzz v. 2.0 Symbian – 1.1 Java & Windows Mobile
Download the best free mobile messenger. All-in-one: Chat and call. Send photos, music and videos. All your buddies: Yahoo, Skype, Google Talk, Facebook, MySpace ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, AIM and more.
MajiPlayer Music Player
MajiPlayer is a media player providing a rich user experience on multiple devices, it includes video playback and music (e.g. MP3) support. Maji Player allows you to organize & browse your media on your cell phones, create play lists and listen/view
d20 Ability Calculator Lite v. 1.0
(The pic will be uploaded soon)
Take the pain out of character creation when using the ability point buy system. Easy to configure for your d20 role playing game (RPG). You will need configuration parameters from 3.5e Dungeons & Dragons DMG p. 169, for example. Not for D&D 4e!


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  1. If u need any other kind of softwares just gimme a post i’ll upload the link for that …………….

    Feel free to ask any doubts …………

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